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" Intergroup is generally formed to provide a forum for conducting ACA buiness within a geographic area." ACA Redbook* pg 603

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The St. Louis Metropolitan ACA Intergroup covers the St. Louis MSA and surrounding areas of Missouri and Illinois. Local groups participate by sending a representative to the Intergroup meeting to elect intergroup officers, vote on topics as they arise, and to serve as a conduit for information about group and intergroup activities. Various topics can be addressed in intergroup business meetings, such as the structure of the intergroup itself, maintaining a list of local meetings in print, and / or online, support for meetings, literature distribution, planning events, outreach to the community, and providing local contacts for those interested in ACA.

The current structure of the ACA Intergroup consists of a chairperson, treasurer, secretary, technology chair, and literature chair. Terms for these positions are for two years starting in January of odd years. There is discussion about revising the available positions for the upcoming term starting in January of 2023.

Feel free to make any requests or reach out with any questions, comments or needs to the intergroup by completing the form below.